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Permanently banned and I get no response.

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Hello guys, today I'm here to speak about a lot of things but for now lets talk about my EUNE ACCOUNT, this one.
My summoner name is Cloud2GG on EUNE. I have been banned permanently for no reason, I did get an email but with no information, I made a request not one but 2 requests but Riot just solved it and forwarded me to my request about my NA account which is only about my NA account and the issues I have on NA and on that request Riot didn't reply for like a month but let that be for now, lets focus on my EUNE account which has been banned permanently, I have spent money on the game. I deserve to know what happened, it happened right after I changed my password for some odd reason. I changed my password to something easier to remember and boom I log in and perma ban. I can also provide pictures of the support solving the case without even reading my details of the account and automatically redirecting it to my NA support ticket that they refuse to respond to.
Someone please help me, thanks.
My Summoner name is Cloud2GG

Banned permanently for no reason, Riot solves cases without proper response or detail checking, I NEED HALP.