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Here's one last message from me, Riot.

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Maximum Kawaii

Senior Member


Boards. A wonderful new product, stalled to replace these old forums.

I'm not going to post there. Not anymore. I gave it some chance, but then I realized. I remembered GD's history. I remembered your part in it.

I remember to this day, that Riot paid attention. They did. But little. Too little. But never as much as the rest gained. I remember Riot Draggles. Riot Bolton. Riot Yuka. Panic. I remember them. They all seemed so promising. I hoped things would change. I hoped they would come back and actively discuss.

But they all left. None of them held true to their word. Apart from legislative issues like skin-codes, or free Dreadknight Garen, or the eventual serious discussion, rarely anyone remained with us.

In fact, I could even forget that. I would be angry, but I could forget.

Call me a dweller in the past, but GD did not need replacing. It did not. I was happy here, with people that are much better friends to me than anyone in life ever has been. I was happy here, not looked after, knowing full well that no-one apart from one Rioter cared. And even he rarely so.

But now, you suddenly began "caring". It's not gonna make amends for the past, it damn won't!

I don't want to abandon GD in favor of a forum where I have to share space, and be jeered by the EUW community. I don't want a forum where sarcasm is taken seriously and condoned. I don't want to be shanked into a corner, the "Off-Topic" forum, where people won't care anyway. A cute little place. But it's nowhere near enough.

I will not move onto Boards. I refuse to. Greater respect and attention were always shown to the others. NA even got a GD subforum. But I guess, after all, that's too much to do, even for equality's sake if nothing else. After all, this is EUNE. Hell, even every ****ing teaser or content in the EUNE client redirects us to EUW!

Delete this if you want. Hate me if you want. Laugh at me if you want. I've already had enough people laugh at me, but this is what I think, and I will not be convinced otherwise.

Goodbye, fellows. I may continue playing the game, but don't expect me to visit the forums. There's too much bitterness for me to do it.