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Ramiel - The Fallen Archangel

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Passive: Fire Ball Magic - Ramiel is throwing fireballs, after 5 hits if he hit enemy champions he is creating explosions from the ground under the enemy champion and he slows the enemy champion and he gains movement speed.

Q: Fire Magic - He is summoning fire meteor that rolls away dealing AP damage in the area where he rolls
W: Chronomancer - He can use chronospheres. With its power , he can slow down time, but not for long.
E:Teleportation – He possesses the ability to teleport. He is capable of teleporting one more friend champion with him for a short distance.
R:Super Strength – He can lock enemy champion for short duration with the chains in his body, and he gains armor and magic resistance.

Lore: Ramiel is a central character and rejected the Destroyer's rule in Hell and was sentenced to eternal imprisonment in earth. A demon of immense power, Ramiel once possessed enough power to rival that of the Dark Prince's. He was exiled to the Earth for defying the Good in the earth.. In addition, he was stripped of most of his power, which was subsequently split among the Destroyer's Chosen. He later regained his lost power and escaped his prison as a result. His true plans remain a mystery, and his current whereabouts are unknown.