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GD. A parting note.

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Maximum Kawaii

Senior Member


GD has existed for 1,588 days since its first thread was made. That's 226 weeks, 6 days, or better said, 4 years, 4 months, and 4 days. A perennial sum.
GD has made over a grand sum of over 800,000 threads since creation.
GD has had the tightest community of all, and no transition will change that.

And, at last, ironically, GD will finally join DFG, Leviathan, and Heart of Gold in the annals of history.

Never forget what we've been doing here.

Never forget the great ideas we had.

Never forget the fun we had.

Never forget who we are.

We are GD. And our memories, scribbled across thousands of pages, stand here for all eternity.

We may be forgotten...

but we will never die.