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[Champion Suggestion]: Alessia The Crystal Marksman

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Ok so let's start.
Lore: Alessia was Taric's childhood friend and she was close to being his girlfriend until he disappeared. This angered her, making her believe that Taric wanted to get away from her. A whole lot later she found a scroll of teleportation which led her to Runeterra. Alessia is in love with crystals, gems and guns. She has almost the same gift as Taric but instead of appreciating the crystals and gems, she uses them in order to destroy her enemies. She forged herself a crystal rifle and sought to get revenge on Taric for leaving her behind. She doesn't believe in peace, not until Taric is dead.
"Peace can be made in one way: A crystal bullet to the head." -Alessia
(Anything you guys might want to add or change feel free to comment)
Looks:Blue hair in a ponytail, red armor with gems, crystal rifle (preferably black colour)
I was thinking of her as an adc. Full ad, little bit of HP, little bit of AP, middle difficulty
Crystal Shot: Fires a bullet in a straight line stopping at either the 3rd target it hits or at the end of it's range. (PS You guys decide on the damage for these skills)

Crystal Bullet Parade: (passive):Fires 2 consecutive bullets instead of one (mabye more per level?)
(active):Fires bigger bullets dealing more damage

Shattering Bullets: Fires a bullet that shatters into pieces, reducing the movement speed of any enemy champion that walks on them and also dealing a little bit of damage.

1)Slowshift Bullet:Like Jinx or Ashe or Ezreal's ultimates, Alessia can fire a bullet that travells throughout the whole map and when it hits a target they get slowed down.

2)Crystal coffin: Alessia uses the crystals from her rifle to engulf herself in a shell, making her immune to attacks and healing her for a few seconds. But it also has a drawback, her attacks are weaker for a few seconds since her rifle needs to reenergize itself. Or mabye she should use the gems she has on her armour and it will have another drawback like being less resistant to attacks for a few seconds.
Ok well that was it, remember to comment on what you think.