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Finding A Main Role

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Junior Member


Guys so yeah I recently started playing league and I became level 29 but still I don't know my main role,I feel like I'm stuck between mid and jungle I love both of them but I feel like I'm a better jungler but I still can't decide so help me please...Thank you guys.

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MG Cypes

Junior Member


Personally i love your name
MG Cypes - cype-rluts
So mainly i dont know what you should player, but its not bad to have 2 roles (more good to have 3) cause then you can play another if some jerk instalocks.. I have added you on League, and i'd like to play with you, and i hope you would aswell. And if we come so far, maybe help your rankeds (not boost) but duo so you have one you can trust, so you dont get a random troll in that spot. but if you are one of those ''im challenger'' bronzies or flamer, you shouln't add me. (i dont like selfish people and i do NOT like negative attitudes, we will only text tho :/ im not good at pronouncing english ... the danish accent sucks
Cya in the battlefield!
PS: Im gold III and i main tryndamere toplane with a ca. 80% win rate - Normals and rankeds
PPS: I don't care if you suck as much as a average lvl 29 does
PPPS: Im on every weekend and some ocasions in the normal days, im from Denmark, so if your sitting miles away, it may get hard to contact cause i might be sleeping and or in school when your at home (i hope you understant that :/)