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880 rp sent to "demonware"

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Summoner1 Name1

Junior Member


hi there, today i recived a message that my account was entered by someone. after that 880 RP were missing. i took a look at my gifting history and i noticed that the skin "demonblade tryndamere" was sent to someone from my account. the skin sent to "demonware" who i dont know (this is his summoner name, not username).
i trust the friends who know my passward and they dont know "demonware".
i remember that one or two days ago i entered a link for free RP which a friend sent to me. the page asked for usernade, passward and region. i didnt believe and i wasnt sure so i wrote my EUW account details, which are same to my EUNE account details. i didnt got any free RP of coures, but i dont know if it is related to the situation.

i sent a message to riot support and i just want to know: what is going to happen? when will i get response? will i get my RP back? will "demonware" be punished?

thank you and sorry for my english.