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New Map - ICE AGE

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everything is covered by ice and snow. movement leaves a path behind you . [ dissapears after 4 sec]
There are areas with [Deep snow] . in that areas you are slowed for 15 %. also there are areas with ice where you are speeded up with 30 % but your movement is harder to control [ like Sion's R]
Vision range is redused.
Also several new monsters and items for the map:
Mammoth- 1500hp +150 on kill respawn 20 seconds after killed. average Attack dmg
Gives a buff that grants 15 armor Smiting the monster gives a shield for 20% of missing health
Ice Dragon- Same as the normal dragon but blue and shoots ice.
Ice witch- high attack dmg average health
Gives a buff that freezes enemies on basic attacks Smiting this monster will recharge a large amount of mana over 2 sec
Polar bear-High Health low to average dmg Upon smiting gives the buff Heavy hands

Ice skates : allows normal movement on icy areas
boots of speed + 475 gold
Snow walker: gives the ability to ignore the snow terrain
boots of speed + 475 gold
Shadow boots : allows you to move without leaving footsteps
Boots of speed + 475 gold
Ice rod:1800 gold
60 Ap
150 Mana
Allows you to create a small area of ice for 5 seconds . instead of speeding up enemies are slowed.
Blasting Land+Ice Crystal
Ice Crystal:500 gold
150 mana
Sword Of The True Ice:2800
brutalizer + ice crystal + pickaxe

75 Dmg
20 armor penetration
10 % cooldown reduction
Passive : Icy
Unique Active: True Ice:
Fires A bolt of true ice that deals 10 % of targets current health in psyhical dmg and increased all psyhical dmg taken from the target by 15 % for 4 seconds

Ice Armor:2700 gold
Glacical Shroud + Warden's mail + Ice Crystal
300 mana
80 Armor
10 % cooldown reduction
Passive: cold steel
Passive:Enemies hwo hit you with basic attacks have their movement speed reduced by 15% for 1 sec