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Free coaching Toplane/Support/Jungle

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Magical Trevor

Junior Member



I'm currently siting at Plat 3 with Diamond 5 MMR and I'm looking to "adopt" a bronze/silver/gold player who wants to become better at this game and is willing to improve his overall playstyle. I'm a toplane main but I can also play support and jungle at this current elo, I have experience with most meta and off-meta picks.

This won't be a champion-specific coaching, it will be focused on optimising masteries, runes, summoner spells, how to take advantages of snowballing, how to come back from a lost lane, when to roam, when to farm etc. etc.

The only requirement I have is that you are aware of how good you are, that you are stuck in your elo for a reason. It's not because of bad teammates or bad luck, you are stuck because you are unable to carry your own weight and team. There is no elo hell.

If you are intrested post a comment here and we'll talk ingame.

Best Regards