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That's right, not being a sheep in the herd like every other human is bad. Not going to gym is bad, not having the "ideal body" is bad, not losing your virginity, while being pre-teen or teen, to some ***** you'll forget is bad. Having different ideals and thoughts in this world is considered bad, am I right? Just because I don't go to gym to impress some *****s and **** different girls every sunday untill I get AIDS or leave one pregnant is bad.

Then I'm sorry but I do not want to live in your world. I do not want to be a a stupid person who does without thinking, I do not want to live in your golden stone age. I want to be above the average human, who's worrying more about the way he looks and his social life than his career and intelligence.

and you do that by playign league and thinking of universe? that makes you a different and better? get laid u skinny loser.