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What Region is this prepaid card? help

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So i bought 2prepaid cards from the cashu store iam not sure if it did tell me the region but i didnt see it well anyways when i wanted to put the code in it said that this prepaid code isnt in this region (or something like that) so i kept changing regions till i find it..problem is..well after 4-5 tries it says i reached the limit of putting the code...making me wait a little while between 6 hours or a day possibly ..... all i want is to know what region is the CASHU store had or maybe eu doesnt take it? idk would be a good thing if i could just hand the codes and riot give me the rp couz iam afraid the code may expire and u may ask....why dont u end a ticket then? well............ i cant couz my country isnt in there...(yaaaaaay) so iam stuck in a pitfall basically iam not sure if i can put the codes and get rp :\ any help?