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Some feedback on dodging a ranked queue.

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THC Skan




I consider that LP penalty for dodging is way too high. I started my day with a ranked match and it didn't even passed 1 minute in the matchmaking and we already had duo top, no jungler, flamer on mid and a poor solo support, so I've decided to dodge the match because loosing 3 lp is not that much when I was actually gonna loose 15 or 20. But then I came across this next matchmaking, everything looked fine till our 4th and 5th picks (which said at the beggining that they were going tanky top/supp). They took a paper support and for the last one picked yasuo and said he will be a full tank. Ofc, it started a huge flame and blaming on eachother so I decided to dodge this one too just to find out that from 8lp I went straight to -2. Now seriously guys, why do such a thing? Why should I be punished for some other players lack of communication or their mood for trolling? It is not like reporting a player does anything because it really is there to remove abit of my frustrtion while not actually doing something, those are just some buttons.

Why not just let the LP penalty to 3LP all the time and just increase the waiting time for the next games? This or make a "kick player" option in the matchmaking, it would save alot of trouble with people who are not there to have any fun except the fun from destroying other players games. LP should be the skill I have right? How is leaving a match and removing my points show what skill I have?

I feel like I'm becoming toxic, I'm always trying to be optimistic, to be nice with my teammates, I always nicely ask for bans and say hello to my team but their response is just: "**** you dude".
Or at least make teambuilder for rankeds, I would rather wait 30 minutes for a match which I know that it will depend on my skill and not my luck to win it.

This game goes from fun to frustrating and bad very fast.

Please consider my feedback.

Have a good day.