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New champion suggestions - Tundra

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Tundra,ice mage

  • Base stats:

Base HP: 450
Base MP: 285
Attack Range: 550
Base Attack: 50
Base Attack speed: 0.625
Base Movement Speed: 315
Base Armor: 21
Base Magic Resist: 27
Base HP regen: 5 per 5 + 0.53 per lvl
Base MP regen: 8 per 5

Stats per lvl:

HP per lvl: 75
MP per lvl: 50
Attack per lvl (estimated) : 3
Armor per lvl : 3.0
Magic Resistance per lvl: 0
Attack speed per lvl (estimated) : 1.25 - 1.3%
  • Ablities:

Snow Trail: Tundra leaves a path of snow on his way that fades after not being stepped on by Tundra for 5 seconds,slowing enemies that walk through it 1% movement speed per second(max.10%).Enemies that stay in Snow Trail will prevent it from disappearing until they get out of it.

Icicle [80 mana][15 seconds cooldown]: Tundra shoots 3 icicle shots at target(can be cast in 5 seconds before going on cooldown,with 1 second delay between shots).First succesful hit at the enemy or minion deals 20/30/40/55/70 magic damage(+30% AP),second succesful hit deals twice as much,and third trice as much.Enemies affected by Tundra's passive will recieve extra 10% slow per hit which lasts 2 seconds.

Cold Embrace [75 mana][10 sec cooldown]: During close combat ,Tundra can use this spell to root his enemy and dealing 50/60/70/85/100 magic damage(+20% AP),leaving it rooted for 1.0 seconds.

Winter's Miracle [80/85/95/100/105 mana][15 sec cooldown]: Heals 8/10/12/15/20 HP/sec (+30% AP) to himself and allied champions in 300 radius around him for 5 seconds after being casted.

Blizzard [150/170/200 mana][120/100/80 sec cooldown]: Enemies and units affected by Snow Trail will get slowed 50% MS for 1.5 seconds and take 150/200/250 magic damage (+50% AP). Passive: Enemies that walk through Snow Trail will reduce Blizzard's cooldown by 1 second.