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EUNE - Champion Select - game - Diamond/Platinum

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Before that i just want to say this guy hacked account and now troll. Please riot do something, look his match history. He trolled 2 games. And please check whole game if you want see players in Diamond/Platinum. His summ name:Yuruse but another one man give up cus of him summ name: Im Tryn to Sleep.

Champion Select - Diamond V:
D35troyer99 joined the room.
Yuruse joined the room.
Im Tryn to Sleep joined the room.
FrozeWave joined the room.
Radio Stereo joined the room.
Im Tryn to Sleep: hi
D35troyer99: hi
Im Tryn to Sleep: cancer pls
Radio Stereo: JUNGLE PLS
Yuruse: Congratulation , you just won a free lose guys ! ^^ Im here to troll and get ban quickly as possible , so please after this game just report me ! ^_^
Yuruse: and yes I will take rammus
Im Tryn to Sleep: jaja blabla get cancer tard
Im Tryn to Sleep: ban fiddle
Im Tryn to Sleep: he plays fiddle
Im Tryn to Sleep: good bans tho
Im Tryn to Sleep: he trolled last game btw
Im Tryn to Sleep: so im just gonna go afk from the beginning on
Yuruse: I didn't even played with you last game XD
FrozeWave: its soooo wise bro
Im Tryn to Sleep: i stalked u
Yuruse: hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
FrozeWave: "i will go afk instead of dodge queue cuz i'd rather lose 20 lp than 3 "
FrozeWave: xD
Im Tryn to Sleep: yep
Yuruse: np I can take a nother op champ with high speed
FrozeWave: dumb geys
D35troyer99: support

D35troyer99: yuruse why you troll?
Im Tryn to Sleep: cuz hes retarded bviously
Yuruse: with cancer
Im Tryn to Sleep: see
Im Tryn to Sleep: and im gonna play ap trynda
Im Tryn to Sleep: yoloomode
Yuruse: awesome
Yuruse: a troll mate !
Yuruse: ^^ welcum aboard
Yuruse: don't dodge
Yuruse: Please
Yuruse: just lose this ^^
Im Tryn to Sleep: ye pls lose 20 lp
Im Tryn to Sleep: hahahaha