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payed 20 euro and got nothing help

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when cashu was gone (rather today i assume) i saw in the cashu store we could buy a 10 usd prepaid-card code so i bought 2(=20 euro) so when i went to put the code in the code menu in the store it said: please redeem league of legends prepaid- cards under the purchase rp tab of the store..... so i went to the purchase rp tab.....didnt have the pre-paid cards option (cuz my country doesnt support that.......yaaaay riot) so i change the country so something that have it..... put the code in and it said something about this code isnt in your area something like that (cant retry couz it says i have put the code in too many times..... now u may be asking why not put this in the support league of legends page? because i cant couz it wants something about master card....which i dont have...yet........so i hope someone from riot or anyone can help me either putting prepaid card option in my country or magically put the 20euro into rp because i have the codes not just foolishly to get rp from nothing i just dont wanna throw 20 euro out of the window