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Ranked games. Am I just unlucky? What should I do?

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Three weeks ago I was gold4 with 100 lp. That was my 3rd time to be in promo in gold4. But teamates were pretty bad, but I understand that, because it was promotion. Teams I got were friendly, but had pretty bad skills. That is OK and I understand that.

After my last promo before three weeks everything changed. Teams from then (not even in promotions) were horrible. They had some skills, but they were completely bad. All they did was flame (mostly about cancer to my family and stuff). I was mostly playing Tryndamere, because I considered him reliable hypercarry. Once I had Annie in mid and I was Tryndamere. She cried for gank like at 4th minute, she was against Kassadin, who was full health. How on earth can Tryndamere make 600 hp damage in 2 seconds(W slow) to a 1000 hp Kassadin? Annie was swearing on me and stuff. The only thing I don't understand why she didn't just spam her combo when she has passive(with E spam). I gave her blue. But then I decided not to give her one, because she is going to give that blue to Kassadin.

It was only one of MANY games like this. I played with Tryndamere and Kha'zix jungle who in my opinion, with my runes and build can't 100-0 enemy laner. But in my opinion they were amazing teamfighters and 1v1ers. But after I lost my promo my team couldn't hold without feeding, like 3v20. I understand ganking thing, and whenever there is a free kill to take with my teamate I go and take it(I leave it for my teamate usually). If I have to be support I pick Janna, I am good enought with her, but still I don't like playing her. I am pretty good with Yasuo mid, but my team always fails to play with Yasuo in team. Whenever they can pick for example Wukong top or Nasus, they always pick Nasus, but not Wukong. Wukong wombos with Yasuo very hard and has much more play potencial. In the other hand in case of feeding the dog(Nasus) he can 1v4 enemy team. But that phenomenon is only occuring in enemy team. And my team never goes in even if they have Malphite tank and I am Yasuo. I don't know if I am just unlucky or what. I am not on tilt, because I always start game with fresh mind and I just forget last games.

I play Tryndamere(top/jungle), because I think he's exeptionally good in lategame, because he got 2,3 AS, 300 AD, 90% crit chance and proc'ing BOTRK and devourer, and if I get to like 35 minutes I can come to enemy adc and kill adc in whole chaos (2-shot) then mid apc and support in my ult time and I die of survive with e or flash.

I play Kha'zix(top/jungle), because in teamfights I can jump and 1-shot with E someone and E back to safety or continue the chain or killing people. But my team just can't fight, they get destroyed instantly(in most of the games) and I can't jump 1v5, because they will kill me instantly because I am just a assaisan (like 550AD at the end).
I play Katarina(mid), because She just got ability to instakill enemy adc and hopefully their whole team, but people will not let me mid or just ban Katarina without asking(yes...).
I play Janna(support), because I don't have other normal supports.
I play Ezreal(blue adc), because I just sometimes have to go adc.

I just want to know. Am I just unlucky or was there some change in whole system to make my play with these teamates. What should I play to get more wins? I mostly like assaisan or poke type of play. List more champions, because I don't have all champions.

If I am Kha'zix or Tryndamere... We are mid 5v5 peacefully, then I got to defend top or bot (20 minions about to get on our turret) and splitpush. The moment I am in the other lane our team goes All-in and dies and writes "/all OMG REPORT TRYNDA LOST GAME THROW". It's really frustrating to play with that type of people.

Since when defending turret from flat out 20 mage minions is "OMG FARMING"? That is flat out stupid.

I never flame. Just sometimes, the healthy amount. I don't write something like "OMG" when someone gives first blood, because I understand that that is as hurtful as "noob top gg".

People started going AFK(from ragequit) like at 8 times higher rate. Earlier like every 20th game was ragequit in out team, but now it's nearly every 3rd.

What role should I play? What champions? TELL ME THE SOLOQ SECRET.

How should I behave (10vs30 "We can still win. We just have to win last teamfight" or just don't say anything)?

Please answer some stuff(or even all). Don't bother writing harsh stuff.