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From Top lane to Bot lane?

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Hi im Samuli

Junior Member


Hi! I have been playing only Top lane since i started playing League of Legends and i have used a lot of time and ip for learning bruisers, watching videos and tips about top lane, however i'm getting bored of top lane. I feel like top lane is boring farm lane until team fights and even in team fights you just are there for tankyness and guarding your adc. So i have been thinking to become adc main because i feel like good adc's get much more respect, teammates protect you and i feel like u have much more carry potential when being adc and what comes to that boring farm lane thing, well you actually see the damage when game goes on.
So tell me is it worth to suddenly abandon all that time and ("top lane")champions just to start being adc main? (Hope you understand my point because my main language is not English)