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Looking for a duo partner

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Junior Member


Hey everyone, im Silent DD and am looking for a duo queue partner. My goal is to call every single time the "premade botlane", and carry ourselves out of our current ELO. Yea, my division is now Silver 3, but I think, "I can be so much more".

I can play ADC as good as Support, so I can fit both roles. If you are keen on playing with me, and you feel the synergy between us, just contact me here or either in-game.

Last season I was placed in Gold 5, and with the resets, I got to bronze 4. Currently Im playing in Silver 3.

Champion pool:
As support: Every single support.
As adc: Every single ADC (except Varus and Draven.. I hate those guys).

Hope we will have fun.

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Bilbo Swaaggins

Junior Member


I added you in game. Silver 4 adc main. Was silver 1 last season. I can also play support.