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Curesing While Playing

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Almog ozer

Junior Member


While i play Normal In league of legends i was surprises that someone wish for all cancer to his familiy riot plz do somthing ..

*******http://srv1.jpg.co.il/6/54e73f3fc2149.png[/img] (http://jpg.co.il/view/54e73f3fc2149.png/)

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Junior Member


First of all, you're breaking the rules of the forum by revealing his name, you can find the information in the link below:
So if you don't want to risk your post being deleted, just censor hin name in the picture.

"Cancer" as a word is not cursing itself, but in this context, I would say, it counts as verbal abuse or offensive language. Thereby, such behaviour violates the rules of the Summoner's Code and is considered reportable. If I were you and felt a severe disapproval, I would write a message to the Riot Support Team, but in other case just report the guilty player as a warning to begin with.

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Senior Member


You don't play this game to talk to your oncologist. I can think of a few reasons where the word cancer isn't offensive. But I can't think of a single reason why the word would be relevant.