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Is there a way to fix this?

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I think this question have been around a lot, but I just don't see where the problem might be. I mean in ranked games... I play a game, if I win i get like 9 - 12 LP, it would all be ok, BUT if I lose the game, I lose 20 - 25 LP and that is just really annoying. Am I too low for bronze 4????? Or what is the problem. Since I am in brozne 4 i can't get any higher, It's like I win 3 games ok got 27 LP.....next one i lose and now I got only 2...... and if I lose again I got to start from the whole beginning. It's just really not motivating.... sure I try to play and I win, but loosing is there too.... So, anyone knows how to fix this or what to do?? Or at least so my lossing and victory wouldn't be so different in LP