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New Champion Suggestion

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-The name of the champion would be "Asur, the berserker".
-He is an orc with a one-handed axe.Greyish skin and has only fur boots and fur skirt.
-All of his abilites scale of AD.
-His passive would be:"Near death"
-The passive would apply stacks of "Griveous wounds" and when it reaches 5 stacks the damage of basic attacks would dobule.
-When target's health is down below 10% the damage of basic attacks is multiplied by x5.
-The effects stack for the max multiplied basic attack of x10.
-His first ability would be:"Devestating glaive"
-Asur throws his axe as a skillshot and if it hits an enemy, the ability can be reactivated so he can jump to it and decrease its cooldown.
-This ability doesnt pop the spellshield but applies the stun
-His second ability would be:"Doom whirlwind"
-He spins around 5 times while rooted in place. Every time he hits an enemy he applies a damage multiplier.Each succsesfull hit apples x1.5 damage for the next basic attack.If target has spellshield the first succsesfull hit doesnt deal damage but pops the spellshield.
-His third ability is:"Rampage rush"
-Asur charges in a straight line and stops after he hits the first enemy.
-If he hits an enemy champion he knocks them up in the air,stuns them for half a second and reduces the cooldown of the ability.
-If he doesnt hit an enemy he stops immidietly and is stunned for 1 second.
-This ability pop the spellshield and deal damage to the enemy.
-His ultimate would be:"Stance change"
-He gets his ultimate at lvl 1
-First stance:"The warrior"
-Increased attack damage.
-Gives a precent of life steal based on a precentage of his healt.
-Gives a precentage of armor based on Asur's health.
-Second stance:"The tank"
-Gives defencive buffs.
-Reduces Asur's attack damage and attack speed.
-Gives a lot of armor and magic resist.
-Greater movement speed.
-Shield after activating stance.
-Third stance is unlocked at lvl 6:"Berserker stance"
-Gives A lot of attack damage and attack speed.
-Great movment speed when near a damaged enemy champion(even hidden ones)
-Reduces armor and magic resist rating
-Each basic attack takes a small precentage of Asurs health.
-Has great life steal.