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Connection problems in every game. Something must be done.

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I know there's a thousand posts like this already, but for the love of God RIOT, if you're calling your game an e-sport it's unthinkable how such issue even exists.

Playing matches is a roulette every time. Nine out of ten games at least one player gets connection problems and the game's result is often already set before it even starts.

The entire day of playing can be summed up like this:
-game starts, one player is DC'd already, sometimes comes back after a while, sometimes it's just gg
-out of nowhere random people get "Attempting to reconnect" in teamfights or during ganks
-random DC's during the game, often permament
-people raging to the limit, leaverbuster takes aim at people who don't even know what is causing the problem, tribunal is gone and buried forever, trolls/rage galore

And I'm not exaggerating, for the last week it was about 80-90% of the games. A game with all 10 players at the start is becoming a rare sight, and this is just unbelievable in a game this big and this popular. Something has to be done with either the servers or the client, because there is less and less fun in playing every time this happens. And it happens A LOT lately.