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Offline Button - Riot Vote

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Hello Riot and fellow LoLers,

I am posting my request in this sector because there is only one client feedback for Mac users.

I believe I am not the only one who wants an offline button in the PvP.net client .Sometimes you just want to play a fun game without the disturbtion of friend invites or maybe you don't want someone to see you play .I am not saying anything about blocking someone from your friends list(You can just remove in that case).

I think if you add this in Friend List, except AFK red button it will might improve somehow the menu.

To prevent from overuse of the tool my suggestion is not allowing the summoner to have the button turned on for more than 10-15 games in a certain time

Leave your suggestions or arguments please, and If you aggree you can +1 the post so Riot can see that.