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Stomping and Missing key

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Infamous Zed



So i would like to ask what champs should i play top/jungle to stomp the low elo?I main Mid and judging by my name i main Zed but somtimes that even doesnt help me win.

And the other question is-What do i need to become a better player and climb,i have been playing this game for 3 years(season2) when there was elo i was 900elo (elohell).When they introduced the Divisions i was placed in Bronze V.Then i managed to climb to Gold V.Now when they reset the divisions I was placed in Silver 3.I had a really good Win/Lose ration which resulted in a good Elo,But of course there are always noobs and my win/lose ratio and elo went downhill as usual.I dont know what to focus on improving.After these years i have gotten down
-Last Hitting
-Map awarness
-Awarness of DMG potential and Cooldowns
-"Game sense"
-Focusing on objectives
-Right building
-Decent pool champ on every lane
I only have a problem with keeping my temper when i have AFKs or when provoked.
So im wondering what can i improve to climb and carry every game