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Great Legendary Items!

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And no, this isn't a 100% serious thread.
The stats on the items here are extremely high, if Rito is reading this they can just tweak the price and stats as they please.
--- --- --- --- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----- ----- ----- ----- ------ ------ ------ ------ ------- ------- ------- -------

Trinity force lacks some things.

So this great new item will be the very new all-rounder item!
Or the very new Jax+ item.
Quad-nity force (8000g) (672g)

Trinity Force, Phage, Sheen, Zeal

+70 AD
+70 AP
+16% lifesteal
+16% spellvamp
+500 Mana
+350 Health
+20% crit chance
+50% attack speed
+15% CDR

UNIQUE passive: When you use a spell, the next Basic Attack will deal 125% base AD + 35% AP damage.
UNIQUE passive: When you hit with a basic attack or spell, you gain 30 MS. If you kill a unit, you gain 80 MS.
UNIQUE passive: When you hit an enemy with a basic attack, they will take 8% of their health as True damage over 3 seconds.

Morello's Legendary Tome (7500g)

Sapphire Crystal
Forbidden Idol x3
Blasting Wand
Fiendish Codex

+155 AP
+225% Base Mana Regen
+35% CDR
+250 Mana

Passive: When you deal damage to an enemy below 60% health, you inflict Grievous wounds on them for 6 seconds, reducing their healing received by 50%.

Yeah, I know I can't balance these items, but Rito can. The point of this thread though, is to suggest something like "Great Legendary items". Maybe it fts, maybe not. I'd assume not since it would make every tank's life a living hell.

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So, basically, the firt champ that manages to get one of these wins the game? Btw, idea is nice, they can be available after certain time limit, say, 40th min, so that the games can end faster.

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your upgrade of trinity is build from zeal phage sheen and trinity... so isn't it like buying 2 trinities and combining them?