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Big croatia lan with lol

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About event :
Once we realized that the number of organized LANs in Croatia has decreased, and actually has not many, we decided to form an Association "Gamerz Only" that will with their hard work and dedication try to restore Croatian Gaming scene. After long reflection and deliberation we decided that our first LAN will be in April when it will be held tournaments im most popular games out there, such as COD4, COD2, LOL, DOTA2, CS:GO, nad PES2015 on Playstation consoles. LAN will take place in newly opened playroom "WarpOmega" in Karlovac.

About playroom :
Playroom "WarpOmega" is located on marketcenter in Karlovac, and is equipped with 20 great gaming PCs, 5 Playstation consoles, 2 Xbox consoles, 1 Wii console, and a few LCD TVs. In the playroom there is a bar specially designed just for organizers and players with drinks at affordable prices. Within the playroom there is a special room that is equipped with various devices which will fill your free time, as eg. billiards, darts, pinball, airhockey etc. In addition with room with appliances there's a large terrace in the open, overlooking the city, where it is permitted smoking.
Bellow the playroom is a restaurant where we will broadcast all matches play on the tournament. Since the viewers has no right to enter the playroom they will be stationed in the restaurant where they can enjoy drinks and food at lowest prices possible.

Informations :
Type :TUP (everything you need to bring with you is keyboard,mouse,mousepad,headset)
Date : 11.04.2015., 12.04.2015., 18.04.2015., 19.04.2015., 25.04.2015., 26.04.2015.
Games : Call of duty 4, Call of duty 2, Counter Strike Global Offensive, Dota2, League Of Legends, PES 2015
Number of participants : 12-32
Entey fee : 100€ / ~ 772kn
How to pay : The deposit for participation in the, or that you will attend a LAN for sure is 60% and it must be paid up to 01.04.2015.*** The rest of the ammount you can pay at the LAN ( 40% ).. Ofcourse, you can pay full ammount ( 100%) till 01.04.2015.
*** The deposit that is paid can not be brought back to the payer, that payment is your insurance that you will play at that LAN.
Awards : Will be published when we find out the exact number of interested / paid teams
Venue : Playroom Warp-Omega, Trg Josipa Broza Tita 2, 47000 Karlovac
How to get there :
TRAIN: Get out of the train on the train station "Karlovac center", ie the first stop after the main railway station in Karlovac. The station is located just in front of the market.
CAR : Highway A1, exit Karlovac, after the exit, continue straight driving on Karlovac ring road which will bring you right in front of where the market is and playroom.
BUS : Get out of the main bus station in Karlovac, which is right across the street from the market, or playgrounds.
Media Sponsorship : KreatorTV, TV4Rijeke
Online Stream : Over our Gamerz Only twitch account
Partners : KreatorGroup, ToTo Prom, M-bit, BaseHost, Playroom Warp-Omega
Official Mail of tournament : [email]gohrlanevents@gamerz-only.com[/email]
***In this mail we recieve all inquiries and all interested teams, and there you can get all details for payment

Picture of Venue : https://www.facebook.com/warpomega
Web adresses : http://www.gamerz-only.com