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Renekton Nerf

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Hello Riot games.
My second most played top lane is Renekton.Even though i would play him less i think there should be nerf on Renekton.He has sustain with his Q,he has stun when hes teammate is ganking,he has one OR TWO dashes when he is ganked and ult for teamfight and duels.He has way too much damage on carries and mages but he is hard to kill even if he jumps in the midle of the teamfight.I played him and bought Hydra and Sunfire and i was using my W and Q on mages/adc and he was half health allready,without team.Well i think that needs a nerf allready.But nooooo.He has great lanning phase and can kill early game so that makes him even more OP.You dont need to rush your decision but PLEASE just concider renekton nerf in patch 5.4 or 5.5

Thank you.

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He has no damage late game,he falls of really hard.
He's perfectly fine as he is.