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Hotkey bug (hotkeys dont work)

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Land My Q

Junior Member


After a lot of games I first time expierienced this bug.
I was playing Katarina today and about 10 minutes in game suddenly stopped working some of keys.
1) i wasnt able to recall with pressing B and even manualy clicking with mouse recall icon;
2) i pressed q, it showed indicator range of spell but when i clicked it doesnt do anything (couldnt smart cast it too)
3) ultimate (r) didnt worked with button and even clicking with mouse manually, and i used it it teamfight and im sure i wasnt stunned or silenced.

W and E worked as it suppost to work. I typed b, r in other application - keybord worked.
I tried to fix this, i restarted client 2 times ( i mean completely, with alt + f4 ) - didnt work
i restored hotkeys to default - didnt work.
found thread, where someone write need to press ctrl+shift, i pressed, but im not sure if it worked.
suddnely after 10 minute of strugle, somehow hotkeys worked again.

any ideas?

maybe it will help, but our team was
Katarina, Warwick, Swain, Miss Fortune, Sona

and enemy
Annie, Rek'Sai, Lissandra, Ashe, Thresh

I noticed hotkeys stopped to work, while Rek'sai ganked mid.