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Noticed some bugs while playing !

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When i was playing as several champions some bugs occurs ....... i know it's awesome to have bugs like this where u can do something that isn't known but it's called cheating in some ways would players say.

1- vayne can go through enemy wall gates with Q but can't get out from it when she is in enemy base side .( for now , it only happened once )

2- river monster have visual bug where when enemy team kill him and u didn't see them killing it , when u go and see it , it's like half or full of his body out of the water .

3- i don't know if people would call this a bug but i would ..... when rek'sai ulti a tunnel and the tunnel gets destroyed before he reaches it , that doesn't stop him ... he will get to the tunnel anyway .

4- if rek'sai was killed while at the beg of making tunnel animation and he didn't go even under ground , a tunnel is created after his death instantly .

5- when kennen wants to use W and the target was killed before he preform animation for the W , it goes on cooldown without hitting anyone .

6- at somewhere in each bases , for example the red team base ..... if u where at the right side of base and wanted to go to bot lane and pressed somewhere right side bot lane , he will try to walk their but the champion with stuck in the right side of the base trying to pass it but he won't .

I will be updating this forum for any more bugs it occurs with me and i hope to everyone to have a fair play .