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A story of a Vi.

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Jedi A Holes

Junior Member


Once upon a time
Not so long ago
There was a little Vi
Who just tried to go
And climb from silver four
She found herself a team
Full of random guys
And soon she got to discover
That it wasn't very wise
The team was full Ad
Except for just one guy
Who picked a Veigs support
And was stealing Sivir's farm
When all her farm was gone
Veigar went to mid
And spoiled the lane of Zed
Who playing mid alone
was kicking Ziggs' butt
Sivir started to feed
Because her farm was gone
Till the end of game
She kept pushing bot alone
Pantheon also fed
A nasus who quite soon
Became a scary beast
And killed us 1v4
Everyone was feeding
Only Vi kept trying
But enemies were too strong
And she sadly started dying
Then the game was over
And Vi Who tried her best
Became a very victim
Of trolls and feeders fest.

Just a poem i wrote after a freakin bad ranked game of my life.

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Junior Member


Why you writing this ****.