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Riot, do something with LeaverBuster please.

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Aramis Alameda

Junior Member


Okay, since "Help and Support" has a description of "players helping players", I think that was the wrong place for my thread, so I'm posting this here also.

So I already have been through copy-paste **** (I'm sorry, this is a bit emotional, but the situation is outrageous) with Riot Support about Leaverbuster giving longer queues to players who crash or disconnect *WHEN THEY CONNECT BACK TO THE GAME SECONDS AFTER*! They only answered me (and again, two times copy-pasted same answer) about me fixing problems with my connection. Apart from the fact that game for me is having HUGE ping spikes and I have to play through VPN to get rid of those, my connection is perfectly fine.

I am really raging so much right now, since this is NOT the first time I have suffered penalties from this devil-induced program. Right now I am getting 20 minute queues, and this is second time. Game crashes from time to time, not even so often! And STILL, I am getting this! What next, I am gonna be permabanned for YOUR OWN GAME IMPERFECTION, Riot? Seriously, what the hell?

REMOVE Leaverbuster penalties for people who actually RECONNECT in certain timespan after they disconnected from the game (like, couple of minutes would be enough, that's the time game takes to load even on lower-end PC's), and STAY in the game until the end, cause that is what just happened to me.
I would be SO thankful if you do that.
Yours truly, Aramis Alameda.

Edit (in several days after): Since the time I wrote this the following thing happened.
1. I join a normal game, and it crashes on about 1:20;
2. I send a crash report in a dialog that opens;
3. I immediately reconnect back to the game;
4. We crush the enemy team and win the match;
5. I get 20 minute queues after match ends;
6. My freaking a$$ exploded because of the butthurt.
WHY, Riot, WHY?! Why did I deserve that again?!

Edit 2 (as an insight to developers): If you guys didn't know, if a person really wants to go AFK and does not want to suffer from LeaverBuster, he will just hang on the fountain, and right-click here and there from time to time. Of cource he still will be reported for that, but... Come on, Riot. Don't be silly and soften this hellish thing before it permabans some really dedicated players (like me *blush*). I have never left a single game because I was frustrated/trolling/etc and now I'm really afraid I might be banned some time soon if this doesn't end. I've spent around 60 euros on this game and I dont want to waste that because some PROGRAM decided I'm a bad community member, seriously. SAVE ME, RIOT!

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This happens to me,too... RITO PLS !!!

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I really feel you man , i suffered 20 min penalty like 5 to 6 times ............. i got outraged too , the problem is that only "leave game / afk" reports works , my buddy in game flames every single player and even i'm his friend reporting him for verbal abuse for 1 month and no action was talkin.

let's go back to the subject , riot gives 5 min i think to get back to game while some players can't get back in 5 min like me , when my internet gets too low ( high ping ) it means i need to restart the modem ..... restarting modem needs from 3 - 7 mins , if riot could make the time to get back to game 10 min , i would really appreciate that .
I hope riot would understand players like us , no all players have super technology internet or pc .

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Aramis Alameda

Junior Member


riot gives 5 min i think to get back to game while some players can't get back in 5 min like me

Never heard of such timespan. I reconnected in less than five minutes more than once, and still got "busted" after crashing.