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Countdown to Destruction

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160 AP

Active: Each second you gain one stack of <Insert Name Here>, each increasing your movement by 2% (NOTE: First stack kicks in at 0 second), up to 20% at the 10th second which is the maximum duration of the buff. If you activate the item again while the buff still lasts, you create an aura around yourself for 2.5 seconds which amplifies the magic damage enemy champions take by 2% for every second the buff lasted (max 20%, half bonus for AoE spells). range 800

Dunno. Good? Bad? Obviously a DFG replacement, but with a twist.

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Ok... 800 range for an aura of that calibre is a little bit too high... Seccond, it is an aura based item which gives movespeed, which should naturally benefit melee assasin/tank with hard initiation. Those that come to my mind are Galio, Diana, Akali, Katarina... However, 160 ap stat is a little bit over the top considering the damage amplification and movespeed bonus. Maybe cut the AP value in half, and add HP star ot Armor/Magic resist one.
Moreover, the item that consists of actives of 2 items that exist(ed) already (Talisman plus DFG), is just an insta rejected idea from begining.
Instead, why not make item "link" to one enemy, and while the link persists, you steal 2% movespeed/sec and deal 1% bonus damage after the link is broken/duration ends(kinda like Zed mini ulti, useful for those burst type Champions).