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CPTPROAslan49 (EUNE) - complain

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So I'm just gonna do this chronologically from the champion select. It was a ranked game and as we were deciding our roles the last pick Yasuo player (prospecial2) allegedly wanted mid after enemy team picked Udyr who I wanted to play so I switched onto playing Katarina mid. I tried reasoning with Yasuo and in the end I let him go mid thinking duo top would be more fitting in this situation as so my entire pinged except for Riven who asked me to sit under turret and be "his top support", it was all kind of ok until i hit my Bouncing Blades (Q) on a minion wave after which this Riven player went berserk, started flaming and intentionally feeding running into enemy turret getting enemy Garen player (vasja111) 5 kills in a matter of seconds after which the Riven player disconnected and all throughout kept flaming. I hope a kind fellow will invest a minute to resolve this because I don't think that this should be a case in a competitive game mode such as ranked. Any kind of help will be much grateful and make this game and community in general a much better place.

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This is not where you report people. Your post may be deleted for breaking forum rules (http://forums.eune.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=742318). Remove names and link.

If Riot would take action based on forum posts, they would get nothing done. Use the report button after the game. Riot has access to all the logs so misbehavior in champ select and the post-game chat can also be punished.