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Thresh Patch 5.3 Bugged W and More

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So today i played some ranked games and by leveling up i saw that Thresh's W doesn't show anymore the maximum range of where you can stand and wait for a teammate to click the lantern and get to you. It is really confusing because i can't know the maximum range of the spell so i can save a guy from my team. ; Another bug i saw while playing a support is that your Sightstone and Stealth Wards are bigger then before. I don't have a screenshot of how big they were before but for sure now they are bigger. And a last bug i want to report is about Nidalee's empowered W when you hit somebody with your Q in Human Form. When i played Nidalee and hit somebody with my Q in Human form from a long distance i get an empowered W which makes my jump in Cat form bigger but when i am near him and use W i jump normally so it seems that the passive of Nidalee is broken.