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Evil Cupid, aka. Heartseeker Varus

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Hey Riot

First of all, good job on this years V-day skins. They are very well executed visually, both in-game and in artwork. Well at-least I think so.

The Varus skin is so far from the lore (and so - fabulous -) that I must own it!

Well, I thought I had to...now I am very unsure. On one had, it looks simply amazing and the idea is great. On the other hand however, the voice is simply too terrible
It is good that you are using the non-corrupted version (archlight) voice, but really...what he says is just way waaaaaay off from what cupid is about.

"No forgiveness"

"Face, oblivion"

"Petty those who cross me" - well I guess... some might feel this way... yeah why not

"I am forsaken"

Are just some of his quotes. I mean, really? where is the love? I know it is not a very expensive skin, but it is an event skin, which will not be sold a lot (I assume this is true?)... why not give it that extra "umf" or "bang for the buck" ? ps. not to mention his laughter, such anti cupid :-/

It is not all quotes which are completely useless though

"my work is not done"

"My purpose is clear"

"I do what I must"

"give me a target"

These would actually work fairly well...if you for example put some sort of filter on it, you know... to brighten it up a bit?

Pretty pretty please Riot, can you make Cupid less evil?