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Forming a ranked team!

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Your Summoner name: Dissidus
Your role: Jungle / Top / Support / Mid
Your playstyle: Agressive
More about yourself: I have 2 arms, pretty cool huh?? I dont really have much to say about myself, iam 17 years old, and am from SlovakRepublic, nothing else i could write here since this isnt an action movie where lifes are intresting

Why do you want to join us: well because a while (big while) ago i had a ranked team, that even was putting some youtube content out, and when we broke up (school / work, no time) it was rly sad because... that gameplay with 4 people on skype or TS, just jokin abut the game, enjoying the game, its just....not comparable with playing alone or duo, and that is why i want to join, because i want to have that nice time with 4 people

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Your Summoner nameerdoperdec
Your role:jungle
Your playstyle: Agressive
More about yourself:I m 16y old and I m playing lol for 3 sessons.I main jungle/supp

Why do you want to join us?:I want to start playing in ranked teams for rp..And I feel I can get better with your team and we can make somethink.

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Your Summoner name:noob4ever11
Your role:support
Your playstyle: Agressive/Passive/Farm: Higly aggresive
More about yourself:Im 17 years old and from Denmark. I am in plat 2, in season 4 I was diamond. I main my support, and play a lot of Nami. I prefer an aggesive lane, therefore also an aggresive adc partner. I am a good shotcaller, and can therefor also provide that for the team.
Why do you want to join us?: I would like to join the team to improve my own skills as support and communicating and making strategies! Also I wanna join because im interested in joining competitions, and showing you what I can add to the team
Best regards noob4ever11