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How do lane as a melee champion?

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I don't understand how to lane as a melee champion, since I just get poked/harassed and can't even touch a minion without loosing hp and not be shot at. I have to tp back every 5 seconds

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Senior Member


well first you want to try and get some solo lanes (top,mid or jungle) if you want an easier time with playing meles in general. The next thing you want to do in lane ,if you are against a ranged champ, is to play passivly and slowly farm under your turret. If you play against another mele champ then check http://www.championselect.net/ on how to counter them

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Mitaka Mastera

Junior Member


You just need to farm safely under your own turret - it's in fact a very good way to outfarm your opponent and eventually win your lane! If you get the chance to take your opponent in a 1v1 or with help from the jungler then you'll probably be snowballing in no time (if you got skills though). Good luck and try out the site SaneAsyIUm suggested! I use it sometimes too. Good luck!