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Hi all

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Hi all.. RasX here. What about an idea? Ok. My new idea is for a mode... a crazy mode. The map would be summoner rift and all would be normal ''EXCEPT'' the point we are choosing champions. When the last summoner lock in then the person who had nidalle for example will take the powers of an other summoner ( of his champion) in this game. For example , i choosed nunu ok? and an enemy choosed ..hm... nidalle, and when the last lock in we are swaping abilities but no face.. (i will be nunu with the abilities of nidalle)... ok i hope you understood what i wanted to tell you. Judge me

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This is practically nemesis mode with different ingame avatars. It would be more than preferable to me if people actually put effort into learning to play the game "as it is" at least at an acceptable level instead of focusing on random temporary game modes that literally have nothing "fun" in them... I can play nidalee even if she looks like nunu. Then what?

Besides bringing nothing new, this game mode would look really stupid OR it would need more programming than what it worth - If you get a Darius with Nidalee's skillset - then what will you throw? Slash with your axe then a spear flies from... nowhere? Or should they make a full remake for all champion animations - with particles for all weapon types - Just for any random item to be thrown instead of whatever the original champion threw... This is a ridiculous amount of work for a bland game mode. For it to look even remotely acceptable all the 120+ champions should be reworked into ranged and melee version... And even this would be imperfect to fit many of the skills...