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Aram & Tankers

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Hi , i just played a game in aram and won it (umm was hard) the enamy tanker was Dr.Mundo , his build was simple and the runes too .
1 Quint of health , 2 quints of armor , 6 marks of health , 3 marks of magic resist , 1 seal of health , 7 seals of armor , 1 seal of percent health , 9 glyph of magic resist .
all the 30 Masteries on defense , his in game build was ( Guardian's Horn , Spirit Visage , Orb Of Winter , Randuin's Omen , Locket Of The Iron Solari ) + 2 Elixir's Of Iron & 1 Elixir Of Wrath.
simply he will have about 325% health regain so with the Spectre's Cowl passive its 350% for 10 sec + the passive of the visage it increase all health regain and self healing and life steal and spell vamp +20% also mentioning the bloodlust effect from the elixir which has extended duration on kills & assists , dont forget he also has some more health regain percents from the masteries and he has 3800 hp and some shields and some assists from morgana shield he must be alone and 5 of us with tons of mixed damage and blinds , poison , slows , and other debuff's he is not just op he is triple op than usual tanks

my point that if all tankers get the same build or the same amount of health regain in any aram game (like garen unique passive ) its impossible to kill any tanker who have op mele champs such as darius / yasuo / riven / master yi , and more .

what i'm asking the riot staff and people behind disks (since the remove of DFG & nerfing alot of champs ) to limit the amount of ( life steal / spell vamp / health regain / base health regain )in aram games so it wont take alot of time to finish the game ( some games go for 50-80 minutes some times) and easier since aram is a fun mode made to be fast and having some exp in team fights , not be boring or see Teemo running from Dr.Mundo just cuz mundo have all his spells on and following teemo while teemo cant survive 1 vs 1 with 500+ ap against 3800 hp mundo with massive hp regain.

hope it be usefull and have a quick response in the next few patches.

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Dextix LT

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Why should riot balance a gamemode, that was MADE to be inbalanced?