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6 months of thinking bout it.

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Deathbringer II

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Hey, I like playing top lane, sometimes i play there champions that totally not fit here.
Sometimes it's Taric because it's easy to play taric versus Riven and it makes a lot of fun when she tries to deal some damage to you, but sometimes, I like playing AP Alistar with AP masteries and 20 magic pene runes. But I noticed also, that this big strong cow, when totally crushes your body by his arms or horns, it is magic damage but- wait a moment, it doesn't look like if it was magic ball or some electrical bolt or even "magic touch of dark energy". It is definitely PHYSICAL ATTACK in addition, his ultimate Unbreakable Will gives him additional physical attack damage.


Now imagine:
Comes udyr, uses Q and deals magic dmg that stacks with AD. Yeah, if I am sure, it already existed, but it exists no more.

Gank Plank shoots, and deals magic dmg - how would it looks like

Annie uses fireball and deals physical damage


First I aks, is to change his ratios to AD, (but w8 w8, what about trinity force then? Won't it be too OP? - Yeah you must be right there. That's why it's not that easy, and it's in need to first make some calculations to not make him too op like every new champion in game)

Secondly, people always wanted to play this bull not only as support, because he really doesn't look like little yordle or poro. THIS IS A BULL !- but it looks like, Riot don't wan't him anywhere else - I wonder why, but i have no idea.

The third and final part is that I am not here to complain. I am here, to help you make this game better!

My respetcs.

Let me know if you had some orders for me

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Never thought like this before, like the idea, especially since I like to go AD after standard tank items (Sunfire, Randuins, BV etc), but I am mostly forced to go RoA for more hp and more damage overal. Would be nice if his Q and W scale with AD.