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5.3 the bug patch!

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I just wanted to let all of you guys know, that you should avoid playing "XIN ZHAO" and "KATARINA".

Last game i played Katarina, everything went pretty well and smooth, and once in mid game i stepped into the enemy Caitlyn's trap which was in a bush. From that time on, i couldnt use my Q (bouncing blades) my R (death lotus), i couldnt autoattack or recall..[w(aoe)+e(jump) worked]. I tried to reconnect, tried to set settings back to default, tried to relog, nothing worked.. I was kinda upset and desperate to solve this problem, but nothing seemed to work.. In a teamfight i died, and then this bug has disappeared i was able to use all my abilities once again.

Xin Zhao:
Its much more simpler, Q knock up doesnt work. I played 3 times in a row, testing it, and the 3rd attack from Xin's Q simply just deals dmg without knocking up the enemy.

Hope these feedbacks were useful for u guys out there, and that these annoying bugs will get fixed ASAP.

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I think Xin Q is works Now