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About veigar... again.

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Sleepy Sorcerer

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Last time I expressed annoyance about Dfg removal. People told me that he'd get buff.
Well, it turns out he won't... At least in real meaning of the word.

Buffs: Lower cd on darkmatter and R and lower manacost on primordial burst (R) Q and E range buffed.
Nerfs: R scales lower. E (Event horizon) has 0,75 sec delay.

Reworks: Q is skillshot that can hit 2 targets. It's Cd was changed to 7/6.5/6/5.5/5 from 8/7/6/5/4

Thoughts: They promised buff, they gave rework/nerf.
Veigar has 0 mobility and he can't afford survivability. Now they have crippled his only Cc, and any assassin/bruiser that walks/jumps out of the way, will have his head. Darkmatter's Cd is irrelevant, as you have 0 chance of landing it without event horizon.
And making his only constant damage skill into skillshot that has LONGER cd in the lategame... It seems they wanted to make him even more reliant on Event Horizon, which they then decided to butcher.

I don't see how this is going to work. It's going to make him even less viable pick in even a bit higher level of play.

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I play Veigar for last days no before Rito removes this champ from my play list

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80 secs or 90 secs is practically the same, because you will be able to hit it once per teamfight anyway. Same with W which is dependent on E, now unhittable.

Veigar role was clear - late game reliable burst mage. Reliability reduced (E delay), burst reduced (Ulti ratio reduced); its a nerf.