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Sona suggestions

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Hi there!
I would like to share my thoughts about how to modify Sona.

Aura duration:
First is duration. Every aura (items) is continous, so why would her auras last for only 3 seconds? I know it would be OP if her auras will become indefinite again but how about last for 5-10 seconds.
Now you guys will say: "this will make Sona spam her skills since her skills will come back from CD before auras run out" This has lots of demerits: if you spam brainlessly you will run out of mana in no time.

Aura range:
Next is her aura range, this is the most frustration problem. 350 is not an aura range, not even flash range. Your auras not gonna help your allies unless you are stuck to them really close. This is bad because you are a support, you have to able to help ALL your allies not just 1 person that you stick to, plus you are squishy so it would be proper to help your allies from a proper distance. So how about she got a 700 range to her auras just like all items in the game (frozen heart etc). As for her abilities:
Q: you most likely harass enemy adc. You are not gonna give any auras to your adc becose 99% you are not 350 range to him, since you move up to get enemy adc to harass him. So you got noting from your aura, bacisally it's non-existent rendering your Q to a simply harassing tool.
W: You probably get your heal off no problem but your shield not gonna trigger, same reason as above. It would be nice to get that extra shield on top of your heal to defend your adc no problem.
E: same problem like Q. You probably far away from your adc becouse of your aggressive/harassing position. And then enemy jungler comes and you have to run back as fast as you can and bring your adc with you. But the problem is: you press E you become faster, but the moment you get into 350 range to your adc to give him a speed boost to escape enemy jungler your aura is run out and you guys stuck and die. So again your aura didn't do a thing again.

Almost every ultimate skill in the game costs 100 mana regardless of their rank. So why her ultimate costs 200 mana on rank 3 why others cost 100 or less? This will help her a little bit of her mana problems.