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Neay, the Elven Outcast

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A new generation jungler is about to join the fight. To shed some light onto this character, I have searched many years in the Elven Chronicles and here I thereby present the greatly simplified summary of His past. So let yourself be drawn into The Lore, the first piece of Neay's character.
And stay tuned, for there is more yet to come.




The Lore

It was a brisk cold spring morning in the Lyenne valley. Its inhabitants, the Light Elves, were still in their beds, immersed in their beautiful dreams. But before the first sunrays shined on the moist grass high on the slopes of the valley, a horrible roar of a war-horn resonated throughout the land, freezing the blood of the unsuspecting Elves. In mere seconds, the settlement was overrun by the Dark elf warriors. They were the opposite of the Light Elves, black haired beings consumed by hatred, furious and merciless. In their battle frenzy, they had done things which are better left unspoken. King of the Light Elves and his army came way too late for the Elven people from the Lyenne valley. Except for one.

Enei, a young elven girl, was the sole survivor of the battle now known as the Slaughter at Lyenne valley, which was the very beginning of the War of Two, war that lasted many many years. When the warriors found her lying on the ground in her house, they thought she was dead like all the others, for her clothes were stained heavily with crimson blood. Enei was taken to Anarai and was treated by skilled healers, but her wounds were deep and she was forced to remain in bed for a long time.

As months passed by and summer came, Enei was slowly realizing that the horrors and serious injuries were not the only things the Dark Elves had left her with. She gradually became sure of another thing - that she was pregnant. Fearing what might the others do to her if they found out the baby's father, she tried to conceal her pregnancy. But the other Elves were bound to find out one day.

Slowly but surely the winter was creeping in and all the Elves started keeping their distance from Enei, and she could see the uneasiness in their eyes everytime they came to see her...

It was a very cold winter night when the time came. Enei had been lying in her bed alone for many days, with only the occasional company of servants bringing her food and water. She was screaming in pain as she gave birth to her child, but no one came to her. In her struggle, the old wounds reopened and her hot blood came pouring from the sheets on the wooden floor, yet still, there was no one to support her, to aid her in such excruciating pain. Then suddenly, all became quiet. After a long while, two caretakers carefully opened the door to her room, and walked slowly and cautiously over to her bed, soaked with both dark and light blood. And there lay Enei, with a weak smile on her face, holding a baby in her arms. With the last bit of her strength she stretched her arms with the baby boy towards the Elven healer and with a deeply desperate look she whispered one word into the night, before she passed away. The word was "Neay".

Neay's childhood was tough, to say the least. Mostly just because his hair was different from everyone else's. His hair was all completely raven black, except for one white stripe on the side of his head. For his whole life he was approached with distance and even contempt, but he was raised among the other Light Elflings and his heart was warmer and kinder than any other. When he got older, he started his training as a warrior - and he excelled.

He trained hard and when he was to become of age, he was the best warrior in the whole city of Anarai. But to pass the test to become a true Elf, Neay had to prove himself worthy in a real battle. He was assigned to a unit with eleven other warriors and sent to destroy a Dark Elf outpost hidden in the forest. Neay was sprinting through the brushes, jumping over obstacles, equipped with his main and only weapon - the double-edged halberd which he had named Enei, after his mother.

The elven unit arrived noiselessly not far from the target outpost and the Light Elves prepared for the strike. The Commander ordered Neay to initiate. Neay imbued Enei with the power of the nature and she transformed into a mighty bow, pulsating with green energy. Neay drew an arrow. He targeted the closest Dark Elf, who was resting peacefully on the ground by a mighty tree. And then... A strand of Neay's black hair fell to his eyes and his hands started trembling and droplets of sweat appeared on his face. He fell on his knees, shaking uncontrollably.

"I thought so," said the Commander in disgust. "Tie him down for now and we'll deal with this treacherous coward later."
But as the elven soldiers tried to seize Neay, he recovered, lifted Enei, transformed it back to its melee form with one quick movement and knocked the approaching Elves back with a mighty push, throwing them to the ground, stunned. He gave his comrades one sharp look of despise before he dashed into the nearest brush and then darted into the depths of the forest, never stopping and never looking back. With nowhere to go, he continued his journey through the hazy forests until at last, he arrived at the Fields of Justice.


Skill set

Passive: Neay is able to see inside a brush from a short distance without the need to enter it.

Q: Neay gains a small movement speed boost, ignores unit collision and doubles his auto-attack range until his next strike, which deals increased AD and ignores X% of target's armor.

W: Performs a "crosscheck" with his halberd in a target direction, knocking all enemy units in its path a short distance back and stuns them briefly.

E: Dashes a short distance in the direction of the cursor whilst dealing AoE AD damage on his right side. Can be activated a second time within 2 seconds, this time dealing damage on the left side.

R: Transforms his halberd into a huge longbow and is able to fire three magical arrows dealing both AD and AP damage to all enemy champions they pass through. Additionally, the arrows leave an AoE slow in a path under them for a short duration.

(Note: I find it really unnecessary to provide a full table of stats, scaling, damage - generally of all the numbers, since I am far from a LoL analyst or an expert to give even a suggestion. I know that if Riot will deem this champion worthy of being added to the game, the developers will first make a crude table of stats and then test it in a closed environment to finally come up with the most balanced stats, scaling and ratios. After all, that is their job, not mine, I'm just being kind enough to suggest something that might be a cool idea. )



Neay has a semi-tall and slim but muscular figure. His skin has a creamy color and his hair is onyx black with one strand on the side of his head being light blond. His facial features are soft and handsome, but his expression is bitter, regretful and wretched. To contrast that, his green eyes have a strange kind of warm shine, giving Neay's face a truly "deep" appearance.

Neay was forced to abandon his kin during a stealth military mission so he was left with his light combat gear, but the tough journey throughout the forests turned his clothes somewhat rugged. He wears a green linen hoodie and trousers, tied down with pieces of leather string to ensure flawless movement. His boots are simple leather ones and he has a handmade leather bracelet on his right wrist. He wears a scarf around his neck which, when combined with his hood, allows him to blend in with the woods. His only piece of armor is his elbow guard which is made out of mithril (obviously), but the shine of the metal is long buried under countless strike marks. It has two spikes on both ends which makes his counter attacks very powerful. But besides this and his main weapon, Neay has no means of defence, and that is possibly his greatest weakness.

And lastly, the most important piece of Neay's gear - Enei. Enei is primarily a melee combat weapon, something like a double sided halberd, but she can transform into a huge longbow when empowered by the force of the nature (see attachment 'bow.jpg'). Enei also boosts Neay's magical potential which manifests visually as small vines curving around Neay's body and an etheral green aura surrounding him.

More shieeet is still coming... :P

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Ok... this champ does not have a jungler kit. Not at all. Id say more like some top lane brusier. I would really like to see thi champ developed, as his Melee/Ranged combat is something unique to LoL. The only problem are his stats, and CDs, as they should define wether this champion is a jungler or a laner. But his kit is definetely not a jungler one.

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Ok... this champ does not have a jungler kit. Not at all. Id say more like some top lane brusier. I would really like to see thi champ developed, as his Melee/Ranged combat is something unique to LoL. The only problem are his stats, and CDs, as they should define wether this champion is a jungler or a laner. But his kit is definetely not a jungler one.

I see your point, but let me explain the concept of Neay's skillset and why it is in fact a jungler one, even though not standard. Neay is a champion developed in the spirit of the recent Riot's focus on a more strategical diversity as opposed to "raw stats fights".

His base stats can be compared to Jarvan IV - quite tanky and high damage. He's meant to be played AD, most preferrably as an offtank starting one or two damage items and then building defensively, but a full damage assassin build is also viable. His kit grants him unparalleled mobility and control in the jungle at the expense of lower clear speed and zero sustain. The two dashes that can pass through walls (same as Nidalee's W) along with his passive is simply OP. His passive also grants him a considerable advantage in counterjungling and defending his own jungle, but most notable is the advantage for his allied team in invading.

Another strong aspect are Neay's ganks which can be very strong from level 3 since he has a combo of movement speed boost, two dashes AND a hard crowd control. That means he is really strong against a single target from the early game and after level 6 he gets some teamfighting power which then makes him a very balanced champion that can bring a lot of utility to his team, while also being able to carry the whole game.

So yes, it will be hard to play him in the jungle, but if done correctly... His potential is nearly endless.