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Xix - The Ghost Hunter

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Passive- >Wisdom: Reduce duration of stun/slow/taunt/fear/silence/blind/polymorphs/immobilizes with 30%

Q-> Backstab : If Xix atk enemy from behind or from side ,enemy is stuned for 0.5/1/1.25/2/2.5 seconds,if Xix atk from front ,enemy is slowed for 20% for 2 seconds, this don't apply on the same champion/monster for 12 seconds.Damange 50/70/100/120/150 +30% of atk dmg.Cooldown 6/5/4/3 seconds

W->Sand Bomb : Xix throw a sand bomb (i didnt think about range,but something like singed W) ,reducing enemyes atk speed with 25 % for 3 seconds,and on impact dealing 50/100/150/200 dmg .The sand bomb is active for 5 seconds ,geting vision of the area. Cooldown 20/15/10 seconds.

E->Ghost Step : Xix is teleporting behind enemy dealing 10/50/70/100/120 +50% of Atk Dmg.Cooldown 15/12/10/7 seconds

R->Ghost Walking : Xix become invisible for 5/8/10 seconds geting 30 % movement speed while is invisible.When he exit from invisibility Xix atk speed,movement speed, incresed with 17% .If Xix use ult when he has less then 50% HP ,His passive (Wisdom) increse to 100%

In champion select: Ghost are with me !
Joke : Come to the dark side,we have cookies !
During Match :Ghost are everywhere !

General stats:
550 HP + 50 per level
Atk. Dmg : 58+ 5 per level
Atk. Speed : 0.68+ 2% per level
Movement speed : 360
Armor : 25 + 3 per level
Magic Resist : 30 + 2 per level

I didn't think about Xix story,maybe you will find one ...

As visual ,something like this :

Sorry for my english,is not my native language !

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So what do you guys think?...around 160-170 people saw this...

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Senior Member


Hmmm... 2.5 seccond stun on lvl 9? I dont think there is stun in game that lasts that long except for Ashe on 1/2 map range. Blink strike is just Talon style, I dont think many other champs have that kind of ability (Zed maybe), ultimate passive is just unnecessary, he's already invisible, and he should get a penalty for the Olaf-like ability (like he loses armor, gains damage). 550 hp is a bit too much for an assassin on first lvl.
Passive- Irelia type, I think its too much for an assassin-type champion, as most champs have to pick CD, Greaves, or Tabi over Mercury Threads.
Q skill, is it enchant type or is passive and cost(don't tell me hes resourceless champ, we have too many of them already). Needs more CD if you are to keep the values, also he needs no bonus damage as the stun is already way too strong as is. Either reduce Q stun duration, or remove damage from it.
W has no scaling or a typo?
E range? Needs more CD. Id rather give him speed boost once he "teleports" than teleport behind enemy, it would make him more unique.
R- how long will his bonus last after leaving invis? Giving him extra MS after leaving stealth while he can teleport behind someone is just an overkill. 17% AS is not that much, so it is unnecessary. Ultimate is not really unique, Rengar has it.
His Q->E combo is way too powerful on lvl 9. With Tiamat, he could evaporate enemy carry with no problem, and use his ult to run away, wait CD on his combo and come back and do the same to one of the remaining carries with minimum risk high reward.
Cons: 0 farming potential, that is clear, his only purpose is to kill som1. However, Tiamat makes wonders.
Nothing too new or interesting. All abilities have been seen before, his kit is kill and run, already have such Champions (dominating playstyle of assassins right now), so this champ brings nothing new to the table. From his kit, he is just another toxic 1 shot assassin that needs 1-2 kills to snowball game, and with his passive, he can build 1 def item jjust to survive enemy first round of CC and than vanish into the darkness.