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Format and Map/Rules of the tournament?

SR - standard 5v5 0 0%
SR - 1v1, mid lane, Showdown 0 0%
SR - 1v1, mid lane, Nexus win 0 0%
HA - 1v1, Showdown 1 100%
HA - 1v1, Nexus win 0 0%
Voters 1 .

EUNE Boards'/GD Tournament?

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Hello everyone!
God, this place has changed a lot since the last time I checked... Anyways, most of you know me (I hope), so I won't waste your time with me.

So, as some of you may know, the EUNE's General Discussion (i cri...) has held couple of 1v1 custom tournaments in the past (last one was... late December, I think). And now? Now is time for the first EUNE Boards' Custom Tournament!

But, the question is - do you want it to be a 1v1 tournament, or a standard 5v5? SR map or HA map? First blood or Nexus win? Vote in the poll above... or below, I'm not sure where the poll is here.

And since I know you're all greedy mutha****as - yes, there will be rewards, no matter what format is the tournament. I will share details and exact dates with you when the voting is done... and when I figure them out. But it will be around 1st of March probably.

Poll closes Sunday, so don't fool around - VOTE!

Oh, and feel free to ask whatever you want.

Note: "Showdown" rules are - A player wins when he/she: gets First Blood, or Destroys first Turret, or hits the 100 CS mark.
SR - Summoners' Rift map
HA - Hollowing Abyss map

Original Thread in Boards - here (http://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/events-tournaments-en/Odlgmmuo-eune-boards-tournament)