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[item suggestion]

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Thorn blade

+30 Attack dmg
+10 % lifesteal
Unique passive:Kills or Assist grants a stack.Kill-2 stacks Assist -1 stack
Stacks give 3 dmg
Unique Passive : Overstack:the item can be overstacked (15+ stacks) Each stack above 15 give double the dmg from the first passive.When overstacked the thorns grow cousing the owner to lose health for each basic attack 2.5 % of current healt for 1-5 bonus stacks 5% for 5-10 bonus stacks 10% for 10-20 bonus stacks 20 % of current health 20+ 30 % pf current healt
Note : if u dont have enought health to use it bonus dmg from ALL THE STACKS is negated.
Unique Active : CLear thorns : upon activation clears all bonus stacks ( 10 sec cooldown)

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i feed a lot

Junior Member


Let's see if I got this straight:

+30 attack damage from start, then +3 damage per stack.
Stack up until 15 stacks and you have +45 extra attack damage, which makes this item give you +75 attack damage.
And if you have 20 stacks, 5 of those will give you DOUBLE the damage, which adds another 30 damage and makes it +105 attack damage.

That's a hell lot of attack damage, and considering the fact it can be stacked even more.... nah man.

I don't know who you thought this item would be good for, I was thinking ADC at first, but I don't know.

2.5% current health as damage per basic attack is very much for a squishy ADC who needs his HP more than anything, and with an attack speed of 1.5 it won't take long until he's dead. And then it goes up until 30% of health???????? WAT???

Nah, man. This item is just not gonna happen. Sry.