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Randuin - The Light Bringer

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Hello! my name is marek,and this is my first fan made champion
i was inspired by 2 things to make this champion : paladin from warcraft universe and randuins omen as item from LoL,i thought randuins omen is tanky item,so make randuin supp?i dont relly know,i am not proffesional lol player,randuins not probably even balanced,i think hes OP

sorry for my bad english


i havent read all lores so i dont know if my lore interferes with another champion

tyrol was monk at his village durning noxian invasion of Ionia,noxians were besieging tyrols hometown for several months now,and decided to storm the city
tyrol and his brothers volunteerd to join militia and fight,
tyrol went to temple for last pray,pray to divines to give him strenght he needed for upcoming battle,he begged for divine sign to appear,but nothing happened
tyrol stood there,with his brothers,holding the line as noxians charged in,manys courage faltered and some even started running,but tyrol didnt felt fear,he was decided,the fight have started and blood flew everywhere,slahsing one foe after another,but eventually exerting himself and got knocked down by noxian soldier,he was about to deliver the killing blow,randuin charged in and jumped before his axe giving his brother time to escape,but tyrol fully exerted couldnt move
tyrol fainted,it felt like eternity and nothing happened,sudenly he heard voice calling his name,all of his death brethen standed before him,one took step in front of him and said,you are not supposed to be dead,i am!he woke up seeying his brother crying over him,"if i could shield the second blow too,but i was not fast enghout,tyrol fainted again and woke at home,the battle was over,we were victorious

Passive - "Mark heretic" : whenever Randuin deals damage to enemy champion,apply debuff of 5% armor and MR reduction,stacks 3 times

Q - "Purifying light" : if cast on ally,heal him for 100/125/150/175/200 [0.5 ap scaling] / if cast on marked heretic,deal the same amout as damage

W - "Carry to safety" : remove stun or similiar immobilize from targeted ally,and increase movement speed by 3/5/7/9/12% if running from enemy champion

E - "Get down" : apply buff to ally champion for 5s,when marked champion is attacked by enemy champion,Randuin will dash to marked ally,tanking all damage for 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds and gaining bonus 5% armor and MR [has 0 cast time,cant self cast]

R - "Resurrection" : channels for 3 seconds,revies ally fallen champion with 10/25/50% [ap scaling 0.1]


selection : protect the innocent!

movement :
where am i needed?
lead my steps.
guide my way.
i will follow.
on my way.

attack :
justice be done!
i will serve justice!
ill give you what you deserve

taunt :
i have nothing to loose,same cant be said about you.
your rampage stops here!

joke :
if i am fighting agains innocents in this arena,am i supossed to protect them too?

i will try to make splash art for him,but i am not great artist
what do you think?all criticism is apreciated

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It's a cool champ and a great lore and I think you should definitely draw some pictures of him. It's just that the ultimate would be really hard to put into the game. Cause once a kill is done it is done the only way resurection can work is Zilean I think But maybe think of something else?