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Aslan ( Suggest with a new champion)

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Jack Sparow 99

Junior Member


Pls read(Im from Serbia,my English is not good)
I have a suggestion with a new champion... His name i ASLAN(A lion King) and he could be a new champion. i made Aslan long time (1 month) and i created him.This is hi:
And this is his coat of arms: http://i.imgur.com/GZqv6Tf.jpg
I made his abilities namely:
Passive: ASLAN after three basic attacks he gets attack speed..
Q-Big jump (ASLAN gets 20% as he jump on the enemy.Couldown 2 sec.)
W-ASLAN ignores the enemy 20% Ap demage on 2.5 sec)
E-ASLAN bite (ASLAN doing 300+ magic demage (0+).He bites the enemy and then he do that demage)
R-ASLAN stone (If in Aslan's circle has an enemy he stun him on 3 sec and he gets 30% ap on 3 sec,he can freeze only one champion in his circle to whom he chooses).
That is my Champion Ill like to read that,and tell me what you think.Thx.. PS:I have and story for him !!!!

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Nidalee is better :P