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Luctus The son of the sorrow

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Hi guys
After some time I come up with great idea for champion. His gameplay is quiet unique and I think that he is capable to mark this season with his greatness.

My heart is chamber where light remains silent and grief is so thick like morning fog in the woods. I cant speak, only tears in my eyes reflect emotions and shattered memories. Nobody can't heal my wounds, wounds of dearly missed love. I remember that day, it was cloudy, followed by cold wind of my loneliness. She was fire which warm my frozen heart and grant me a vision of unbreakable seal of love. Her presence filled my emptiness and I was devoured by feelings like Freljord in the blizzard. I follow her voice, she was my guide for my escape from dungeons of misery. I drop the shackles and flee into light where the weight of my sins will be erased. Step by step and my vision was brighter and more colorful. It was magic which compels me to feel like man again who breath air full of joy. I was flying, i was living and I was embracing freedom what was taken from me a long time ago. Blood was warm and my eyes was mirror of sacred souls which wanders in love filled heart. She was light of hope which pierce through darkness of my mind what was corrupted by sins of my past. Love, love gave me wings and she teach me how to fly, fly close to the stars and big silver moon which was wrapped in nocturnal cape. It was all like a poem, written by hand of writer who enjoys with night landscape and glass of old red wine. We share same passion while burning in flame of love and lust. Time was passing, our hearts was getting colder, we became strangers and my love was leaking through wounds, wounds of her betrayal. In the night sky we are not alone, poem was to long for two of us, I was holding her like teardrop on hands while to someone she was ocean. I couldn't control myself and I spill blood over fire of my rage. She was locked in my chamber, with no door or the windows and there was no light which will bring her a hope. After some longer time people was looking for her. I hear them coming, running through long hallway. After few strikes they break in and I heard scream. Her mother was crying while police was hitting me. Her beauty above red water was covered with white blanket. Dragged on the floor with heavy chains like I was monster but nobody understand that I was deadly ill from sadness. My words was eaten by their scream so I remain silent. Love fall softly like snowflake, in the beginning it was hot, then cold and at end it hurt me most. Again in same chamber, chained up corpse filled with grief which will never rot. After many years they came back for me. Metal door was opened but no light came through, only dark shapes of guardians. ''We need you'',one of them said to me and grabbed my hand. I wasn't scared because Im not afraid of death, death was salvation for my torment. Something happened, I could feel their fear and anger. Our path became more darker, we were walking through hallway of terror and dread. In the distance I recognized the old wooden door. I couldn't breath, my legs was shaky and all colors fade away like her life in that unforgettable night of my curse. Blood freeze in my veins and for first time fear overcome me. I don't know how to pray but my lips were seeking for help, for mercy and for end of this torment. Room was darker then before, air was thick almost impossible to breath and floor was combined with filth, dust and dried blood. I was sinking in misery and my soul weeps for help.. So much pain, I can't breathe, I..can't...Somehow I grabbed some air and scream.. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! In that scream I saw big silver moon which reflect her dead beauty and stars were crying blood. In that scream I realized the poem, I melt snowflake and I break the chains. I was standing in darkness, surrounded by dead guardians.... Wait?!. I can hear something, coming from dark. I wasn't alone in that room. Something was standing in front of me, covered by darkness. I came a little bit closer and I saw faceless hound , wrapped with blood soaked bandage and it had ability to speak with demonic voice which spread fear and death. What are you? Are you my angel of death? It was just standing there, silent but I understand it all. It was my reincarnation of sins, I can't change my past but I can live with it. Who I am? My question cannot be answered so I continue to live. I wiped tears in my eyes and went into distance where sky touch the land, where moon spill silver light over rivers, where memories can't follow and past stay behind.
In the end of my path, there was an old farm under orange evening sky with silver trails of upcoming moon. It was very quiet and calming like I'm isolated from other parts of cruel world. This is my place where I can rest my soul from weight of sins and wash my heart, bring him colors back. I open old creaking door and enter in the small house on the farm. Nobody is here, only silence covered with dust and cobwebs. I don't know what story lies beneath this wooden floor but I will write my own, because I dont wont to end with death on unknown place where nobody will find me. Running from madness will not save me, past will find me and this time there will be no escape. Think, breath deeply and dont give up. I can overcome pain, lead again myself and reach the distance what I call a paradise. Its getting very dark, night is embracing farm and I can hear cold wind pushing window. Silence is broken by gallop from outside. Somebody is here, I must hide.... I sneak up to the door and locked. It tried to open door and after some moment start to hit with axe. I was looking how door wash getting chopped in piece from that big axe. Suddenly it stops. Like it give up, maybe it realize there is no one here. Silence was scarier then before, deadlier then this axe. My heart was beating like crazy and I forgot all from past, only fear for my life was in thoughts. I open door and no one wasn't outside.. Was that my imagination or madness is very near. Suddenly I felt something behind me, it was running toward me and it swing furiously it's axe. Somehow I dodge and I take a look of creature. It was glowing centaur creature followed by restless souls. It's start to attack me with fueled with rage and leaded by greed for more blood and pain. I tried to fight but with empty hand and being just human was great advantage for it, so I run in endless corn field under nocturnal sky where was no moon or the stars, just abyssal darkness. I felt how it was getting closer and closer. I was running fastest I could and heart was pumping like it's gallop of death. Ground under me was shaking and I could hear it wild breath behind me. Death is near. Gallop became very loud, louder then my thoughts...and. I felt how blade was slicing my flesh. Neck bones was cracking by it force and my head separate from body. I could see nocturnal sky with few drop of blood, devoured corn field and old farm behind it and at last I saw my body falling on ground and it drown in misery. Creature was running forward in distance what I will never reach. Vision of my body was fading and I finally can rest... I was floating into nowhere, endless emptyness. No sound, no pain just my thoughts burned from memories what I was hiding into ashes of past. This is the end? My story will end here, into unknown space or not.... Something was dragging me down. I'm sinking like a stone in sea, burning like bridge to paradise, I'm eternal dying corpse which will never rot. I opened my eyes...where am I?? Arised from dead, arised above my dead memories.. My soul can't rest until I erase sins commited from past. I'm ghost who is seeking for punishment...I just want to die and live..


He angel with black wing, black hood which cover his face..only red eyes shine. He got big wound over his neck and mark of chains over his arms. Luctus got hole torso tattooed words of his pray.


Health: 5/10
Attack: 3/10
Magic: 8/10

Health: 510 (+82 per level)
H.regn: 7.0 (+0.2 per level)
Mana: 350 (+45 per level)
M.regn: 6 (+0.8 per level)
Attack: 55 (+3 per level)
Armor: 28 (+2.5 per level)
A.spd: 0.688(+3% per level)
M.res: 30
Movement: 330


88643 passive SHADOW'S OF DOOM For every kill or the assist Luctus will revive one shadow of doom. When he collect three of them he can summon dark demon.

88644 Upon the summon demon will stun all nearby enemy champions for 1 sec. It deals 25 magic damage + 5% of Luctus max ability power per 1.5 sec. Enemy champion with most health will be slowed and take extra damage, 2 magic damage for every 10 hp over Luctus current health. Demon is untargetable and it will last for 10 sec.
cd: 100 sec

88645 Q-MISERY Luctus will send shockwave of bad memories to the enemy mind. It will deal 50/65/80/95/110 magic damage +10% of ability power, reduce enemy armor for 10/12/14/16/18% and shorten his vision for 1 sec. Spell can be upgraded with special item : Stone of burning souls.
mana cost: 50/55/60/65/70 cd: 12 sec.

88646 W-CALL OF MADNESS Luctus will sacrifise his 5% of health to gain 100/120/140/160/180 mana, 15/30/45/60/75 ablity power (for only one skill) and 1/2/3/4/5 sec refresh skills cd.
cd: 8 sec.

88647 E-PAIN SPIKE Luctus will throw magic spike and deal 50/70/90/110/130 magic dmg + 20% of ability power. If enemy is over 60% of health, spike will slow him for 10/15/20/25/30% and deal 5/15/25/35/45 extra magic damage. Spell can be upgraded with special item: Stone of burning souls
mana cost: 20/40/60/80/100 cd: 5 sec 10 sec if slow the enemy

88648 R-RAISE OF NIGHTMARE Luctus will raise dark cloud around him, dealing 200/300/400 magic damage +15% of ability power on its cast and if Luctus is in the cloud he will gain 50% of movement speed and all his skills will be replaces with deadly slash.Cloud is 3.5 sec long.
mana cost: 100 cd: 110 sec.
* cloud is big like x2 of Veigar E skill.

88649 Q,W,E,R-DEADLY SLASH Luctus will furiosly slash enemy meat with his nails dealing 45/55/65/75/85 attack damage.
cd: 0.5 sec

100 health and mana, 30 ablity power. Q-UPGRADE: 2% of max dealt damage will heal Luctus and skill got bigger range of cast.. E-UPGRADE: extra range and skill will ignore 10% of magic resist.

cost: 2000 gold


upon champion selection..... Tears will wash my sins and their lives

spawning in the base ..... Sunny day?! I guess it will be a lot of shadows

Movement ..... Easy steps my fellow
I wish I can fly...No, I can't with this wings
They will all die, sad but true
I am so lonely, I need some friends

Attack ..... Let me wipe your tears with my dead hands
Pain is paradise for death what you will fate...soon
You are bleeding, bleeding and bleeding
I wonder when you will die

Joke ..... No Amumu, I don't want to be your friend
This match is shorter then my lore
Let me put smile on your face...wait?!

Taunt ..... Go to your base if you want to live
Hold still, it will be a lot quicker death and less painfull

Dance ..... Luctus will sit on the ground and take a deep breath,,like he is thinking

I hope you enjoy in this post.. give me some feedback